Elliott and Daddy

I snapped this photo this weekend, while Josh & Elliott were hanging out in the morning sunshine. Everyone says that Elliott looks just like Josh. These two have a really special bond. While I may be able to make Elliott stop crying, probably because I'm the Food Source, Josh can make Elliott smile, almost without fail.

It melts my heart every single time.

I'm so, so glad these two are in my life, and love each other so much. I'm so glad that Josh is a confident, involved father. When he keeps Elliott, he's not "babysitting," he's parenting,* and doing an as-good or better job than I would. I don't know how moms do this on their own- either because they're single or because dad has to be away or unavailable. My friend Beth has been talking about her Josh and how much his presence means to her, too. The comments on her post all agree - Dads matter, and parenting's a lot easier when it's a two-person job.

I probably should have saved this post for Father's Day or something, but my heart is overflowing right now. I'm so blessed.

(* I've got a pet peeve of dads or apologetic moms calling the time dads spend parenting alone as "babysitting". If you're the parent, you're not a babysitter, and there should be no apology or annoyance from anyone. They're your kids.)


affectioknit said...

What a sweet happy baby!

alissa said...

he does look a lot like josh! i thought that when we saw you guys last week.

and i, too, am so blessed to have an involved and confident daddy for my boys. elliott will be blessed to have such a close relationship with his dad -- sam at age 2 is very, very close to tim and i know it's from all the time they have spent together. henry is still mostly a mama's boy (food source) but i know that soon he'll be toddling around the house saying "dada? dada?"

jes said...

how adorable!!! he's a cute little boy!!


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