Two months.

Elliott's new trick this month is being full of smiles, and so expressive!

We cannot get enough of these grins. He's particularly happy in the morning, which is a wonderful way to start the day. The interaction, even just with facial expressions, makes this stage more fun than the last. He's discovered mobiles, and his favorite activity is to lie on the pack & play changing table and kick and coo at the mobile above it. This can entertain him for a very long time, which is great as I get ready in the morning.

My official maternity leave ended during this month, and I went from playing "stay-at-home mom" to playing "work-at-home mom" for a few weeks. Elliott's gotten to hang out with his Grammy for a few hours a day either at my house or hers while I've been working, and he's been good for her, of course. I think she likes him, too :)

Elliott continues to grow before our eyes. He's getting too long for many of his 0-3 month sleepers. At an appointment a week & a half ago, he was 12 lbs 2 oz, over 50% over his birth weight- in other news, he's heavy to carry around! I suppose my muscles will grow with him! We're doing more babywearing around the house with the Moby wrap & Ergo carrier. Just a couple days ago was my first time wearing him in a store, and he fell right to sleep, and all the cashiers smiled at him. When it's warmer out, carrying him in a carrier will be so much easier than the car seat! With the snow & cold, though, it's easier to keep him warm bundled in the car seat, as much as I hate to lug it around.

Elliott first took a bottle this month at 6 weeks old, from Daddy. He's had a few more since then- they're still practicing, and I'm practicing pumping in anticipation of returning to work soon, trying to build a freezer stash. We've been using cloth diapers this entire month, and have a laundry routine down- it's not nearly as big a deal as I thought it would be. Also, they're really, really cute.

I've got a few posts floating around in my head- about working at home, about breastfeeding in the news, about home improvement adventures... hopefully I'll get them written down soon. In the meantime, though, I'll keep a supply of cute baby pictures coming, promise.

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Gretchen said...

Love that smile! Let me know if you ever need a babysitter cause I'm more than willing to, especially for such a cutie:)


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