Freezer Story

Thanks to appliance adventures last weekend, we finally got around to organizing the chest freezer. It was kind of a 'If You Give a Mouse a Cookie' chain of events, but I'm glad the chain ended in a nicely organized freezer.

What happened:

  • I started laundry Friday night, because weekends are our Laundry Days
  • On my way out the door Friday evening to get into the car & go on a date night with Josh, I walk through the mud room/laundry room to get my shoes, and step in a puddle of water. The entire floor is covered in water.
  • I call Josh, and he comes in, and we sop up as much water as we can, and go on our date.
  • Saturday, Josh tried moves the (very tightly wedged) washer, dryer, and freezer out from the wall to figure out what happened with the washer. The bottom of the tub of the washer has a crack in it. Research quickly suggests we need to replace our 3.5 year old washer. Boo.
  • We go washer shopping, and check Consumer Reports.
  • We buy a washer Sunday.
  • We decide that the next washer needs to not be tightly wedged in the room, as that might have contributed to the problem. The freezer has to move (even though we once thought its placement was a good idea).
  • There's about 100 lbs of frozen meat in the freezer, along with lots of other stuff. I'm 9 months pregnant and not allowed to help Josh move the freezer, so we unload the freezer to make it possible to move across the room, into a closet.
  • While loading it back up, I insist we make the meat & other stuff more organized, so I can find things, and not have to bend & left 25 lb bags of meat to fix dinner.
  • While we are at it, we go through the fridge freezer, too.
  • The new washer was delivered two days later by men in promo mesh hats, who decided to call from my driveway to let me know when they were showing up.
In the end, the fridge freezer was packed with "prepared food"- meals or parts of meals that are already cooked, and just need to be heated up to be ready for dinner. Post-baby, this will be good for helpful friends and family and Josh- if they want to fix dinner while they visit, they have one accessible place to go to find easy meals, rather than digging through the chest freezer. The chest freezer has meat and other uncooked ingredients (and ice cream) for the more adventurous meal-fixer. What's better: Josh and I know where everything is now, which means the food I'm storing will get used, rather than forgotten. Some older stuff got (finally) cleaned out, too, so we have room for freezer meals and leftovers. 

Yes, I'm nesting, why do you ask?


Ashley said...

So what kind of washer did you end up getting?

Joanna said...

We got a top-loading HE washer, a Whirlpool Cabrio. It has enough options that I think it will work for us- we'll figure out a good routine.

Promotional Pens said...

A model that saves a lot of energy and water is always a good idea... there will be a lot more laundry to do now...


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