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James Mollison: Where Children Sleep
The Telegraph has a series of photographs from a new book called Where Children Sleep. LIFE has a photo series too, with some additional children. Check it out. Thanks to my friend Michelle for the link.

The photos depict bedrooms (or, lack of bedrooms) from all over the world, with portraits and short introductions of the child who sleeps there. Some of them are just a one-room hut, or even a bed in a literal dump full of trash and old tires and used gym equipment. Living in our three-bedroom house... setting up a nursery for a yet-to-be-born baby who probably won't even sleep there for months to come... it puts our 6'x10' nursery (that I think feels tiny) into perspective. I have had a lot of fun perusing etsy for decor ideas, but coordinating crib sets* seem to matter less when I'm reminded that many children don't even have a bed, nevertheless a bed in their own room.

* For the record, I'm not registered for a coordinating crib set. Didn't really see the point, since quilts & bumpers & pillows aren't recommended, anyway.


Karen said...

We did get a coordinated bedding set as a gift. But I agree with you. The only time we'll actually use it in the crib is before the baby is born and the first few weeks while the baby sleeps in a bassinet in our bedroom.

Once he starts sleeping in the crib, the bumper and quilt will come out. And the cute fitted sheet will probably be promptly stained and replaced with a generic white one that can be bleached.

Just one of many things on everyone's MUST HAVE list that no one really needs at all. But I'd be lying if I didn't admit that the set is absolutely adorable. :)

alissa said...

we're not doing the crib setup with this baby either. it seems silly, since, as you pointed out, they aren't really useful for anything other than decoration, and the kid will be co-sleeping with us for quite a while. i felt a little guilty at first but now i think we made the right decision (specially after seeing those photos!). we'll paint the room (since it is currently a hideous yellow) some neutral color and move the crib in there once we move sam to a big boy bed (soon) but i am not worrying too much about the cuteness factor. the baby won't know the difference. ;)

Ashley said...

Hehe I actually just bought a crib bedding set. :-) I am so tired of the paci falling out of the crib that I'm looking forward to the bumpers! And I am also excited about the crib skirt to cover all the storage underneath the crib. Of course, none of these things are "necessary". And since she was in our room until she was 10 months old, they definitely weren't even needed until now.

Ryan and Melanie said...

beautiful post, Joanna. It sure puts things into perspective, doesn't it?

Thanks for the address for the scratch and dent! So glad to meet another INdiana mama as well, and I look forward to hearing your news.

Perhaps we can become "bloggites" :)


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