House Projects: New garage doors

It was time. The old sliding barn-door garage doors were deteriorating, and had been for a while. Raccoons were getting into the garage and wreaking havoc. Seriously, a raccoon climbed up on top of Josh's car and pulled a shop light down on top of it. No damage done, thankfully, besides having to re-hang the light, but finding the muddy raccoon prints on our cars regularly was a constant reminder our garage needed to be fixed. (Cat prints are on our cars regularly, too, but those are cute and less objectionable. Also less muddy.)

After we took the doors down, I snapped a picture of the bottom of one to give you an idea of the deterioration:

Yeah. It's a wonder we didn't have deer wandering in.

Josh was brilliant, and looked for material for the doors on craigslist. Although we had to make a trek to get it, he found the right kind of siding new for about half-price. Somehow, he knew just how to put the new doors together. He painted them the same color as what we had before, and we worked together to re-hang them on the same old hardware, figuring we didn't have a chance of finding similar sliding-barn-door hardware anywhere in the suburbs.

That picture was taken after we hung the first door. After hanging both doors, he put handles to make it easier to pull the doors open or closed. You have no idea how much nicer these doors look. I'll see if I can find some better pictures. I'm so excited. Have I mentioned my husband's awesome? Because I really ought to mention it more often.

Next projects: new compost pile, backyard picket fence, the ongoing garden weeding & harvesting, and surely others will come up. We'll never have time to twiddle our thumbs playing an XBOX 360. 
The joy of home ownership- there's always something, right?


cachet said...

beautiful! we have had many similar quests...do you live in Noblesville??

Joanna said...

I do live in Noblesville... near the N'ville/Westfield line. I'm a reader of your Current column :)

cachet said...

I thought you seemed familiar from blog-land! Well done, again, it looks great.

Karen Sue said...

Nice doors! Always feels good to cross something off the to-do list!

Larissa said...

That is so cool. I feel that I have an advantage when it comes to understand the drastic-ness of the change since I've been to your house. My favorite part is the fact that he got the supplies off Craig's list. That's totally something Daniel would do. Anyhow, Josh has my admiration.

Heather said...

The list is definitely neverending. However, considering the amount of time that we spend at home I feel good about sinking money into our house. You two will have to come over for dinner once school is out so you can see our new tile in the living room. Plus, the boys would love to see their aunt and uncle.


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