Spring Cometh

Spring is my favorite season.

Snowdrops are the first signs...

The daffodils haven't bloomed yet, but they're a sign of life fighting through dead twigs and leaves.

The crocuses and trying to bloom.

Other greenery makes me happy, even if it's just a little bit.

And the garlic! In the food garden! I can't wait for scapes.

Forget the gym- I think I've found that, for me, the best fat burner is good weather in the Spring- I spent an entire evening last week joyfully cleaning out a flower bed, hauling sticks and branches to the compost pile, and getting my hands dirty, just because I finally could. This is normally a hated chore I put off (hence why it wasn't done in the fall) But now? I'm excited for the privilege. Spring makes me so happy.

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