Finding Dudley

I was on my way home today in a hurry. I left work a few minutes later than I meant to, and I had to get home, let the dog out, change, throw some garden tools in my Volvo station wagon, feed the dog, and get to the church community garden to meet a friend all within a half-hour. But then I saw him.

I'm a sucker for dogs. If you hang out on my blog very long, you'll figure that out. When I see a stray dog wandering around, I want to stop, to pick it up, to find its home. I know some family is probably missing their pet, and I know how distraught I'd be if it was my dog. Sometimes I stop, sometimes I just can't. Today, I was in a hurry, but I stopped.

I saw something out of the corner of my eye while slowing down for a school zone. A gorgeous Old English Sheepdog was running alongside the sidewalk, with no owner in sight. I did a double take, to make sure there wasn't a runner or biker or mom and baby jogger city mini behind him, then headed him off at the elementary school's driveway. He, thankfully, slowed down and hesitantly peeked around my driver door when I opened it.

He obviously had owners, because he looked newly groomed- shaved for the summer. He was a very gentle dog- the fluffy type you want to give a big hug. Luckily, he had a collar with his address, phone number, and name- Dudley. I opened my back door and lifted him in- unlike other dogs, he didn't seem super-eager to go on a "ride". He was a polite rider, though, and sat patiently in the backseat as I looked at his collar again and started heading out of the school's parking lot while calling the number on the collar and looking for the address.

As I looked to turn out on the road, another Volvo station wagon slowed for the school zone. The driver was looking around- then spotted my car with the large dog in the back and excitedly pointed. No one was answering at Dudley's house- I think his owner found me! We both turned back in the parking lot, and I handed over Dudley to his family. The mom thanked me profusely, and I told her I had a sheep dog at home too, so I understood. I was excited to see the family reunited!

Dudley's owner had four kids in the car with her- I can imagine the scene as all the kids are playing outside, and the dog takes off after something. She can't chase the dog because she can't leave the kids. Getting the kids all loaded up in the car isn't an easy task, and Dudley got quite a head start on them. I was glad I was able to slow him down, and help out the family. I'd hope someone would do the same for me & Casey!

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Kacie said...

You are so sweet!


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