What I've been up to: Kevin's Birthday!

I can't believe my nephew is 7!

Not long after Josh and I started dating, I remember Josh had to head home for his nephew's first birthday, and I couldn't make the trip with him because I had something going on at school. Six years later, that same nephew is a first grader, reading, and being all-around a really cool kid.

The crazy Chuck E Cheese party was the day before with a bunch of school friends, so the "family party" Sunday was low key. Presents were opened and cake was shared, and we were glad to celebrate with Kevin and everyone else.

Later this week I'll post about what our present to the new 7-year-old was!

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Matt said...

That reminds me of my birthdays when I was a kid. Presents, family, then face down in the Game Boy with my little brother hovering over my shoulder. Good times.


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