State Fair Adventures

I need to start this post with... CAN YOU BELIEVE I FORGOT MY CAMERA?!?

Yeah, me neither.

In the past, I've done a whole series of posts with pictures from the state fair. This year? Zero. Except for the few I snapped with my cameraphone, but I'm not sure how to get them off my phone. We have a Bluetooth adapter for the computer somewhere. I'll see if I can dig it up. I digress.

We walked though a variety of buildings, and saw a giant cheese sculpture, a sandcastle depicting cows lounging at the beach, and Red Gold cans stacked in the shape of the Starship Enterprise. Of course I didn't miss the animal barns, and saw the pigs, horses, and sheep. The sidewalk in front of the barns was crammed with food stands full of Fried Fill-in-the-Blank, and we resisted all of them. Hooray for the diet! We also resisted the booths touting jacuzzis, lottery tickets, and insurance quotes, but that was a lot easier.

The highlight of the trip was the free concert we caught on the way back to our car. The State Fair snagged none other than the '90's superstar MC Hammer for the free concert.We got to watch some early-'90's dance moves, and see 2 Legit 2 Quit and Can't Touch This live. Who knew he was still around?! 

Actually, I knew he was still around. I happened across his often-updated blog a few years ago, and apparently he's on Twitter too. How on earth did I happen across his blog? Well here's the story... The very first stranger to link to me, to Keeping Feet, was back in early 2006. I was doing a Google search to see who linked here, and this blog came up- a developer in Serbia. Serbia! Under his "Nice People" blogroll  was just me, by myself. Awkward. Soon after, a couple more people were added- MC Hammer and Linus Torvalds. I thought it was an odd group. Since then, he's added links to other people, but I still am the odd one out, not being a celebrity and all. I don't know anyone in Serbia, I don't think. But someone in Serbia thinks I and MC Hammer are both nice people. I was glad to finally get to see this other nice person in concert.

Josh sent me this today, to commemorate the time at the concert...


Becca said...

Your guys are pretty funny. Love that flowchart!

Kacie said...

LOL! You're a hoot


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