Because I don't post enough Casey pictures

I've talked about everything from technology to term life insurance rates to table setting recently, but I haven't talked about my dog in a while...

Casey's great, still. I still swoon over his cuteness, and am embarrassed by his misbehavior. Especially when he breaks the Invisible Fence to greet a neighbor and her dog on a walk, then chases their cat up a tree, then comes back to our yard with one of their dog's tennis balls in his mouth. And then, the next morning, when I let him out the front door and then I realize he's taking longer than usual to come back and then realize it's because he's not in the yard at all. I check the back yard, and hear barking- Casey's barking- coming from the back of the neighbor's house and, finally, he comes home- with another tennis ball. It's embarrassing. I have a tennis-ball thief in my home.

The reason he breaks the Invisible Fence is this: He's a smart dog. He's figured out there's a range where his collar will beep, and a range where he'll get shocked. While we're out of his area of the yard (which is fairly frequently, since he can't get to the garden, driveway, mailbox, or garage), he sits right on the edge of the yard waiting for us, right where his collar beeps, but before he gets shocked. After doing this for a couple months, I think he's draining the battery down enough that the shock doesn't really hurt all that much. Watching him go through the fence with the battery mostly drained, he just kind of shakes his head, as if it was annoying, but not painful, which makes the fence not that much of a deterrent, and chasing the cat or rabbit through it pretty easy.

I guess I'm lucky- we have a sheepdog, which means he'll wander a little, but never run off for good. He knows how to get home, and always comes home. I've never been worried about losing him- just about making our neighbors hate us! I guess "Good fences make good neighbors" holds true in this case- and we're bad neighbors!

So, our question now is, where can we buy these collar batteries in bulk?!


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