Returning Home

Coming home after being away for a little while isn't easy. I mean, getting back into the groove of work is one thing, but then there's everything else:
  • The fridge is empty since we didn't want food going bad while we were gone. We just spent an entire vacation eating out, and then there's nothing to fix at home, either. Last night's dinner: Skyline Chili, while we were out grocery shopping.
  • I'm freaking out about the garden. The plants look healthy enough, but the weeds look even better, and they got way out of hand while we were gone. It's embarrassing- I want to spend two solid days weeding to catch up. Unfortunately, I don't have that kind of time, and it's raining. Peas and lettuce need to be harvested, on top of the weeding that very badly needs to be done.
  • And then there's mowing. Luckily, the yard doesn't look a LOT worse than the neighbors, but it still needs to be mowed.
  • Laundry's always a concern when we get back from trips. If I was on top of things before we left, there won't be dirty clothes waiting at home, but all the clothes we packed need to be washed, and it throws my laundry routine off. (Laundry routine = 3 loads, washed and dried Friday night/Saturday morning)
  • Then there's the non-work, non-home activities: Josh skipped his piano lessons this week, but I still have the church library to take care of. We didn't meet with our bible study group this week, but they'll probably all be back at our house Monday, which means I need to have all of the above (well, most of the above) done before then, and I may be making dessert for them too- I haven't heard yet. Getting all this done by Monday shouldn't be too much of a challenge since we have a free weekend, but it is still in the back of my mind.
Is the coming-home hecticness just me, or do you experience it, too? How do you juggle it all?


Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...

Ha, I don't do ANYTHING the day after we come home. The kids are especially needy after an exciting weekend. And I'm spoiled - not wanting to do dishes, cooking, or laundry. It takes a couple days to get back into the groove of things. Hence the M&G posted on Wednesday... :-P

James Kubecki said...

I am indeed feeling some hecticness right now.

Joanna said...

You're feeling hecticness because I came home, aren't you?

Stacy said...

Arg! The empty fridge! That is the worst because you are sick of eating fast food while traveling and just ready to eat at home, but alas no food in the fridge!

Alisse Goldsmith said...

I always really really dislike the week after time away. I am still playing catchup and it's been days! The apartment is a mess and I am desperately in need of clean clothes :)

Anonymous said...

If at all possible we try to plan our vacations so that we leave ourselves 1 day when we return that is reserved for downtime (anything that needs to get done before returning to work). It really makes our vacations more relaxing when we know we aren't rushing home to go straight to bed and back to the routine in the morning. I find this is easier to do when we fly, but we should work to do this while driving as well.


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