Girly stuff

Last week, I talked about actually hanging out with other women, something I do rarely. Here's some more girly stuff from a week ago:

This necklace and purse were given to me by my new friend Sarah. She's so crafty- she made these herself! The necklace works well for when I'm dressed up or in a more casual outfit, and I love the chunky beads. Anyone who knows me knows it's a rare day when I get excited over a purse- I was excited about a purse I got for Christmas only because it was fair-trade, which I thought was awesome. This one, too, is fair-trade, in a way (all the money goes directly to the person who made it!), and local! Of course, my favorite part about this purse is the durability and the size- compact. Just right for all I need to carry, and no bigger, and not so tiny I'll lose it.

Can you believe Sarah made these? If you want your own, check out her shop for these and other crafty designs!

Wow, I wish I could sew.


Bargain Briana said...

I love it! Love my purse too! :) I forgot to check out the necklaces...but that is something I don't wear often!

Sarah said...

Awww!! Thanks so much!!! I fell all special now :D I'm so glad you like them! The necklace looks great on you! I have to pull out my beads and start making more jewelry!


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