Full of Wonder

On our way out of the gym, a little girl was walking across the parking lot with her mom.

Her mom was heading toward the car, but the little girl took a detour, and scampered over to a grassy median, plucking a fluffy white dandelion.

"I want a pony," we heard her say to herself.

She shook the flower in the wind, then blew on it, then started plucking the seeds off, determined to empty the flower and get her wish before running back to her mom.

That's wonder and faith and childlike determination.

It's in noticing little things like this, I am reminded of simple joys I overlook most of the time.

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The Farmer Files said...

Just thinking about Dandelions the other day and how my kids probably don't know what one is yet....and that I need to show them.


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