New hobby?

Yeah, that's what I need: a new hobby.

I doubt this activity will become a "hobby" though. It will probably stay squarely in the "Just a Thing I Do" category and won't escalate to "Hobby".

What is this activity, you wonder?

Brace yourself. I joined a gym.

I know. My sister, the Workout Queen, was shocked.

I always swore to myself I wouldn't join a gym, ever. There are so many fun, free ways to exercise without paying a monthly fee- if I need to exercise, I should do one of those, right? Well, to be honest, I don't. I clean the house and chase the dog and even do yardwork, but none of those things really gets my heart rate up for 30 minutes 3 times a week or whatever the recommendation is.

I don't feel unhealthy, but I know I could be healthier. I don't think I'm at an unhealthy weight, but I know I could stand to lose a few pounds to be "ideal". I could be stronger. Basically, I haven't totally neglected my body, but I definitely haven't been proactive about my health.

Josh was really the driving force behind wanting to join- when the opportunity (in the form of my company offering to pay most of the cost to a gym very close to work) presented itself, he wanted to jump on it. I'm glad we did. I know it will be good for us. Exercising regularly will make us healthier. During the summer, our Backyard Garden Diet supplements our normal fare and means more fresh veggies on our plates. Good eating and good exercising will result in healthier people, and that is something I can get excited about.

We'll see how this goes.


Caroline @ Bubbly Bride said...

STILL CANT BELIEVE IT :) Can't wait to work out together when I come home to visit!!

Anonymous said...

You are really lucky that they pay most of the cost. I think more companies should be that proactive and mayber insurance rates wouldn't be so astronomical!


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