Rewind Week!

A huge thanks to everyone who chimed in during the last post and gave us great packing & traveling ideas! Thanks to you, we're packed with one bag to check, two to carry on, and no plans to get a Cinnabon. I've brought along a pile of Christian books I've put off reviewing, so hopefully I'll have them read and the posts done soon after I get back. Fluxx will be our game of choice on the plane and in the airports- I'm sure we'll get weird looks.

I'll have the laptop, but don't know what my Internet situation will be while traveling. If I can, I'll pop in to post pictures and a vacation update- but don't hold your breath. While I'm gone, I've scheduled posts to appear from the archives. Some you may remember, and others only a few long-time readers will remember. Feel free to reignite discussion on any of them! Enjoy!

(We don't leave until Tuesday, but I'm having a guest this weekend, so I don't expect to be able to post much. Maybe once. We'll see.)

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Matt said...

Hooray for Fluxx! I carry it in my jacket pocket at all times. Admittedly, it rarely gets played spontaneously, but it's my "boredom buster" of choice.

If you have a chance before you leave, you might be interested in another Looney Labs game that's ultra-portable: Treehouse

It sounds just as chaotic as Fluxx, but perfect for a little downtime here or there.


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