Gonna give it a peek...

I'm super-excited! I won a blog contest!

And it was a big one too. I mean, I like winning coupons for free chicken broth and vegetables, but this is a bit different. It's a gadget! What would YOU prefer for Valentine's Day- Sector watches or colorful gadgets?

That's right, I won 2 Peeks from Blissfully Domestic (Great blogs, by the way. Huge variety of writers and topics. I'm a fan.)

WANNA WIN ONE, TOO? Go to Money Saving Mom RIGHT NOW. Giveaway closes TONIGHT.

Now that that's out of the way... I've been reading reviews on this thing, and they are mixed. I first heard of it on Scribbit's blog, and was intrigued. The Frugalista reviewed it, too. Time named it one of the best inventions of the year. The New York Times heralds it as a device for "nontechies". Do I fall into that category? I mean, I like a simple life, and this is a simple gadget, for sure.

What will I do with it? Check my email, of course! For a month, anyway. After the free month, I'll need to decide if the $20/month price tag is worth having mobile email. I'll be able to text, twitter, & blog on the go, too, which will be cool. I don't have a smartphone, so being able to do this not tethered to a desk is all new to me! If it meets my needs- staying connected while away- who knows, I might even ditch my cell phone. I'll report back in about a month & a half. Right now, I'm "interested but cautious".


Scribbit said...

It is a good gadget for nontechies--I tend to be too cheap to keep up the $20 service fee though that's not a bad price at all for something like that.

Anonymous said...

Actually I am a techie and I really enjoy my Peek. Much more easy to use and intuitive than the big name devices. And it is more reliable than my wife's Blackberry. Great price for the Peek and the service is inexpensive (very affordable).


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