Quick Book Review: The Becoming of G-d

When I started this book, The Becoming of G-d by Ian Mobsby, I described it to my husband as "dry". I mean, I had never read Trinitarian theology before, and I was a bit intimidated by it. I was determined to finish the short book, however, and by the end I took back what I said. The book is scholarly, for sure, but Mobsby brings the theology around to an applicable level, which was understandable and full of examples.

The book starts as a discussion of the Trinity, then moves to show how our view of the Trinity informs the way we "do" church. Specifically, he talks about the emerging church and new monastic communities, explaining how a view of the Trinity as eternally in community and mysterious informs the values of these movements. The author is from the UK, so discusses the emerging church from a non-US perspective, as it relates to the Anglican church, which I found particularly interesting. Every now and then I need to get out of my American-Christian bubble, you know?

Honestly, I had a pretty simple view of "God as three-in-one" without giving much thought to the full theology behind it. Through Mobsby's descriptions, I gained a better understanding and much deeper appreciation for all that is the beautiful Trinitarian relationship. One of the most unexpected things about the book, after all the scholarly citations, was the last chapter- poems and art to use as devotions while reflecting on the mystery and beauty of the Trinity.
If any of this sounds interesting to you, the book is worth a read. I expect to include this one in the church library.

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