Thanks, but no thanks!

An email I received last week from the mortgage brokerage we used less than a year ago, when we bought our house:
Hello All,

The recent craziness in the market has led to some incredible interest rate opportunities and the mortgage credit markets are functioning well with only minor changes in credit availability. If you are interested In taking advantage of the opportunity, respond to my email and I can have some options put together for you to look at.


What I want to write back (but won't!):
Dear Scott,

Thanks for the email! I haven't heard from you guys in almost a year, since that's when I last dealt with you, closing on my house. I hear the housing market's not doing so hot, which is probably why you have time to write me- you have time on your hands!

About your offer... you should know I can't or won't take you up on it at this time. Here's why:
  • You know we already have a mortgage. You sold it to us. We have a house. And like it. A lot. We don't need another one. Didn't your industry get in this mess partly because it sold too many second and third mortgages?
  • Did I mention I like our house? This would be a really bad time to sell, anyway. Sure, we could get another house for a good price, but our little place would sit on the market for a long while, and we fear, sell for less than what we bought it for just 11 months ago.
  • And about those interest rates... I was checking out your website, and all of the interest rates you're advertising are higher than the one we have. Thanks but no thanks!
  • Last but not least, we weren't too happy with the communication lines with your firm, so, even if we were looking to move and buy another house, we'd go elsewhere. Sorry.
So, we're going to pass on your offer, but I'll be sure to let others know of the opportunity.
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