Quick Review: Branson Vacations

As I have recently found out, flying is an expensive undertaking. We bought our first plane tickets just about a month ago, and they ended up being most of the vacation's cost! Because air travel is so expensive, and gas prices are dropping, we're always delighted to find road-trip destinations that allow us to avoid dealing with airports, car rental, and traveling on someone else's schedule!

Branson, Missouri is less than a day's drive from us, and, according to the website, full of exciting things to do! Roller coasters, a Titanic replica, magic shows... who would have thought all of this would exist in America's heartland, typically pretty boring? I'd probably try to hit up Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum- I was a geek as a kid, and read the Guinness Book of World Records & Ripley's Believe It Or Not pretty regularly.

Yeah, I was weird. Yeah, I probably still am, but you guys are nice about it :) And, I've given up reading Guinness' & Ripley's books.

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Branson Hotels said...

It seems like Branson is a good place to visit! Have you been to one of the Branson hotels there and if so, which did you prefer?


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