Quick CD Review: Evensong Rising

I got this CD by Evensong Rising in the mail, and the packaging fascinated me. I mean, sure, the cardboard CD case is pretty standard, but the insert, rather than containing lyrics, was an overview of the band's philosophy. A why-they-do-what-they-do of sorts.
A couple of years ago, a few friends came together to make a big impact in the world. We saw problems like the AIDS Pandemic, children in sexual slavery, absolute poverty, systemic injustice, environmental degradation... and we wanted to do something to help. What we discovered was we could accomplish more together than we could ever do individually.
The mission of this group is creative and bold, and I really, really appreciate that. The music is just as creative. The series of songs walks the listener through a worship service, and the lyrics are thoughtful and meaningful. The style would really be appropriate in intimate, contemplative worship services Their specific "sound" is "a fusion of styles, from rock to bluegrass to reggae to jazz to soul," which is what you get when you have three Jamaicans, a Celtic violinist, a rock drummer, a pop guitarist, and a lead singer from the south.

The group raises money through the Rising Group for causes like Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief, Indigenous Leadership Development, Spiritual Awakening, Justice Work and Advocacy, and Environmental Conservation and Sustainable Living.

Seriously, a fun, diverse group committed to great causes, and putting their talent where their passion is. Awesome. Check out their website.

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