Posts around here haven't been numerous or profound the last couple weeks- partly because of home projects. We're trying to get all the outside projects on our list done before cold sets in. Here's a list of recent accomplishments:

  • Bought and spread gravel for parking pad for the truck
  • Shoveled excess gravel into the truck, delivered it to family who needed it.
  • Uprooted and tilled the garden. 
    • Brought meaning to Ecclesiates 3:2 "a time to plant and a time to uproot"
    • Found out a tiller will be hard to ever justify buying, since it's pretty cheap to rent.
  • Replaced the driver's-side mirror on my car.
  • Replaced our back door.
  • Finished painting the exterior trim and door
  • Started training Casey on the invisible fence.
  • Helped friends move.
  • Wrapped our water heater in a insulating "blanket"
  • Picked up a good-sized pile of garden-edging stones, still need to install them around the garden.
And by saying "We" have been doing this, I have to admit, Josh has been doing the hard work for the most part, and I've pitched in for some of them. It takes most my energy to keep the house in order- I'm glad he's able to tackle these special projects! We make a great team... I sure am thankful for him!

Indoor projects like salvaging our dead hard drive, replacing laptop memory, installing carpet, painting a couple remaining rooms, and others will have to wait till we can't work outside anymore!


Kathie said...

I'm tired just reading that post! Goodness, you've been busy.

Stephanie said...

Wow you have been busy.

Joanna said...

This is high praise coming from you two, my homesteading & canning-like-crazy blog friends! I can't imagine doing what YOU do!


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