Free stuff at CVS

Lately I've been not having good luck at CVS. I've been spending more than I mean to, and getting flustered juggling all the coupons with a line behind me, resulting in deals not working out as I planned. This week, however, everything worked. I came prepared to the store, found what I needed, and ended up getting a pretty good deal.

Excedrin: 2 @ $1.99
Pumpkin buckets: 2 @ .99
Candy corn: 2 @ $1.29
GUM toothbrush pack: $3.99
TOTAL: $12.53 + tax

-$4 : $2 off Excedrin (here) (printed twice)
-.75 : .75 off GUM toothbrush
-$6.99 in ECBs

Out of Pocket: .79 + tax

ECBs for next time:
$1.98 for pumpkin buckets
$2.58 for candy corn
$3.99 for toothbrushes
TOTAL: $8.55 in ECBs
Bonus: I <3 candy corn.

* I don't subscribe to the newspaper, but get my coupons from printing sites online or from generous donors- my parents :) Some people even participate in online trading of coupons to grow their stash. I'm still new to the couponing world!


Stephanie said...

Way to go!

Kacie said...

Good work! You really do have to be on top of your game at CVS and have your coupons and card and whatever ready. It's tricky!


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