Goodnight, garden plot

Last spring? The garden looked awesome:

Embarrassingly enough, this was our garden a couple weeks ago.

Totally overgrown, I know. I can't believe I'm posting this on the Internet. But, I've already stated that I've learned my lesson, right?

Well, two weekends ago, the project was to till the garden and ready it for next year- when I will succeed in NOT letting it get this out of control. Promise. After about 2.5 hours of hard work mowing, tilling, and pulling up weeds & garden plants, this was the result:

Not great, but lots better, and ready to sleep for the winter.

The following weekend, my always-helpful parents came out and helped us put edging stones around the edge of the garden. These are mostly so Josh can determine what is a "good plant" and a "bad plant" when mowing, and avoid mowing down my lettuce or tomato plants. Anything on the outside of the stones can be mowed, and the plants on the inside need to be evaluated & pulled more carefully. How's that for a plan?

Here's hoping we'll get an even-better harvest next year, and can avoid eating pesticide laden produce needing a passport! Yay for local food, especially the backyard variety.

Question for those more experienced gardeners: What else needs to be done to prepare the garden for next spring?

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Anonymous said...

Jo - look how lovely the trees are behind the garden with the fall colors - I knew your yard would be gorgeous in autumn!



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