Stuff to do today

  • DISHES. Lots of Dishes. Between baking a pie, making laundry detergent, roasting a chicken, making chicken stock, and being lazy about doing dishes, my sink is full.
  • Chicken Pot Pie for dinner? What do you think?
  • Pick beans. Yes, I'm still getting beans. Lots of them. Unfortunately, I don't put beans in chicken pot pie.
  • Post one of our vacuum cleaners and an old clothesline on Freecycle- any takers? They're sitting outside right now. Josh was amazing and organized the garage, and these are the things that didn't have a spot.
  • Perhaps get around to posting a book review or two. I've been reading, promise!

I have an exciting life, no?


Matt said...

Well, you did start a game of Agricola, the best board game in the entire world. That's a pretty event in my book.

Throw in the vacuum cleaner giveaway and you've got quite a day!

Corinne said...

I would love to take the vacuum off your hands. I'll be moving to Indy within the next few weeks and living without a roommate for the first time. Apparently I never contributed much to the household, a vacuum is on my list of the many many things that I need to get!

My parent's garden is still overflowing with green beans too, we're giving them away to anyone who will pick them. The broccoli doesn't seem to die either.


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