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Yesterday was a busy day that involved going to a friends house to help with house projects and staying for lunch, and a "dinner party" (ha! more like "cookout") at my own house with different friends in the evening. Saturday, however, I felt ever-so-productive.

Lately, I've been given piles of pears and apples by generous friends, and have learned to can from other generous friends. Saturday morning I spent making and canning a crockpot full of pear-applesauce.

Laundry is also always a big project on Saturdays- with just the two of us, it's typically the only day of the week I have to think about it, thankfully. Recently I made a new batch of laundry detergent and put it in manageable-sized containers. the recipes to make the stuff makes 3+ gallons, and keeping the soap in a 5-gallon painter's bucket just isn't practical.

Laundry is always more fun (Did I just use "Laundry" and "Fun" in the same sentence? Wow.) when it's a beautiful day and I can hang the laundry out to dry. Saturday was a beautiful, beautiful day and it was a joy to be outside.

Casey enjoyed the beautiful day Saturday as well, as you see him here looking as beautiful as the day.

This fuzzy caterpillar was sunbathing on my porch.

I have so many green tomatoes in the garden, and I fear that unless it gets really warm, they'll stay green.

The invisible fence is installed? Do you see it?! Yeah, that's the point. Anyway, we haven't started training Casey yet, but I'm glad it's there, at least. From this photo, you can also tell the lawn's been recently mowed.

More domestic pursuits: Dishes. That's what I get for the applesauce project.

It's definitely fall now. Do you decorate for the season?

(The last picture isn't fall decor- I have sunflowers in my kitchen year-round. It is demonstrating the table setting for our 6-person party Sunday)

I'll leave you with this happy thought:

Check out more photos from friends! 

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Ariel said...

Sounds like you enjoyed your weekend! I love fall! We decorate for each season but fall is my favorite! I guess I'll have to get some pictures up soon!


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