Sigh. ** Update **

Reasons this week has not started well:
  • I couldn't fix our computer yesterday. We ended up getting a new desktop, with the long-term plan of hooking it up to a TV/large monitor and consolidating the two. We took advantage of a back-to-school sale, but it was an unplanned purchase. This is the least of my worries on the list- I like the new computer! And the old hard drive is fine; the files are safe.
  • Yesterday morning, after I fed Casey, I didn't close the closet where we kept his food. He ate a pound or two of the dog food we use as his treats (so, tastes good but isn't that good for him) and promptly threw much of it up.
  • What he didn't throw up has upset his stomach. Last night he pooped all over the kitchen because I didn't wake up when he cried to go out, and I didn't find it until this morning. Awesome way to wake up.
  • The house now smells like dog poo. And we have 14 people coming over tonight. And we can't open the windows due to fall allergies. Haven't solved this one yet.
  • My car wouldn't start this morning the first couple tries. I resigned myself to having Josh take me to work, and when I went out to the car with him, my car started, thankfully. I was only forty-five minutes later for work than usual, even with all of this.
  • At work, the building is being re-roofed. Lots of noise, all day (or however long the roofing takes).
Any bets on what happens next?


  • I went home during lunch to let Casey out to avoid another mess
  • The car started just fine. The fluke this morning probably had something to do with not being driven all weekend. I hope.
  • The smell has dissipated. I cleaned the floors with Pine Sol to be safe.
  • There were lots of yellow tomatoes ready to be harvested in the garden. I picked on to take back to work for a snack later.
  • I saw the baby birds living in a crack in our garage
  • I spent a moment watching a hummingbird flit between flowers.
  • I came back to helpful comments- thanks everyone for your tips!
  • The noise on the roof at work has gotten louder.
Hummingbirds fix any day.

The car's in the shop. It didn't start after work for about 10 minutes.


Kathie said...

Can you sprinkle some baking soda around, let it sit for a bit and vaccuum it up? That might help with the smell...

Here's hoping the day and week get better!

Kacie said...

Oh man! Sorry about all that. Glad you were able to catch a back-to-school sale for the computer. And super-glad you could get your files!

Waking up to a kitchen full of dog poo is certainly not how I think people should start their mornings.

If there were any rugs or cloths that got the poop on it, I'd suggest putting them outside until you can mess with it.

Mopping your floor with some Pinesol or something ought to take care of it, and then top that off with some Oust or something. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

When it rains.................
Sounds like you handled it all in good humor, though! :) I remember having stomach flu so severe that I had to crawl to take care of two kids under 2 years old,and then change poopy diapers - ewwwww! So, see, it only gets better .......
Hang in there, girl!


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