Casey is Two!

Based on the vet records we have when we got Casey 6 months ago, today is his second birthday!

So, this means I either have a dog in the Terrible Twos, or a teenager (If 1 Dog Year = 7 People Years). Not really sure which would be worse. I think he tends more toward "teenager"- right now he's whiny and periodically vocally defiant, but much easier to reason with than he was 6 months ago (3.5 Dog Years ago?). An example: He'll be sitting there whining at me for probably no reason but that he's bored, and I'll say "Go get a toy". He'll get the idea, go get a bone or toy, and stop being bored (and stop whining at me!)

Celebrations today will be low-key because he's a dog. We'll probably take him to the dog park to celebrate. I hope to post updated pictures of him, since it's been a while.

And presents? Last night we actually got OURSELVES a present in honor of Casey. Our kitchen trash can was something like this one- I've had it since freshman year of college, and it worked just fine as a dorm trash can, but posed a couple problems in our kitchen. First, when we had guests over, the kids loved swinging the top back and forth- and their parents weren't too keen about them playing with the unsanitary trashcan. The solution was to either wedge it up against a cabinet or wall, so it wouldn't swing and be entertaining (also making it impossible to open & throw anything away) or to make sure to empty the trash & wipe down the top before the guests arrived.

The second problem came along when Casey quickly figured out he could get his entire head through the trash can opening. After picking up strewn-about trash a couple times, the trash can was relegated to the second bathroom- somewhat near the kitchen but decidedly less convenient than actually having a kitchen trash can. The few times we forgot to close the bathroom door overnight again resulted in trash strewn about.

We knew we needed a trash can that
  • had a secure top that couldn't be "nosed" open
  • wouldn't pour out trash if knocked over
  • wouldn't open for Casey if he got near the trash can (seriously, these are out there.)
Amazingly enough, these were not easy requirements to fulfill. Most "step" trash cans have a top that can be easily lifted, and a removable can for the trash bag that would fall out if knocked over. I was afraid that a small trash can under the sink was going to be our only option- until we saw a simplehuman trash can at Costco that fit the bill. It closes securely, and doesn't have a top that can be flipped up at all. We didn't pay nearly as much as the website suggests (at all!) but it was definitely pricier than the typical kitchen trash can. And worth it! I'm excited to not have to make the trek to the bathroom to throw away food packaging anymore, or to scrape a plate after dinner! The "fingerprint-proof" feature wasn't a selling point for us, exactly, but if kids DO decide to play with it, I suppose it will still be shiny afterward...

It was entertaining when we set it up yesterday- I threw some food scraps away, and Casey nosed at the trash can, then nosed some more, and ended up pushing it around on the floor for a while, and he figured out he couldn't get into our impenetrable trash-fortress. This morning- no trash strewn about! Hooray!

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Marie said...

You probably already know this, but Casey is one spectacularly beautiful dog.

I don't get impressed with dogs often, but he is stellar.


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