Wildlife encounters on a Monday morning

A rabbit darted across the road on my way to work in front of my car. That's not so unusual. The rabbit made it across safely.

The dead bird that was outside our house yesterday was gone this morning. I imagine the neighbors' cats both caused its demise and took care of the remains.

I had to chase geese out of the road with my car in my office park, because flocks of them have been out in full force the last couple weeks. They like to just stand around in the middle of the road, and only waddle out of the way very slowly when you come within inches of hitting them. Again, not so unusual, at least seasonally.

The weird animal story came when I walked out to the garage this morning. Something caught my eye at the very edge of the roof of the garage. It was a frog, about 1 1/2 inches long. On the roof. Alive. Just kinda sitting on the edge, perhaps trying to figure out how to get down (or, maybe, bewildered as to how he got up there in the first place??) There aren't any trees overhanging the garage, so I can't imagine how he ended up there. Unless a bird dropped him there, saving him for a snack later. Who knows. It was a weird sight to see.

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Zen said...

even i had these kind of encounters really thrilling when the animals came near to ur vehicle


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