Firefox 3 Download Day!

Download Day 2008

Firefox is aiming to set a record! They're recording the number of downloads of the newest version of Firefox today, its release date, and submitting the number to the Guinness Book of World Records. Be a part of it!

According the Firefox's twitter stream, "Download Day starts at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time on Tuesday, June 17th." Which is 1:00pm Eastern Standard Time. I know what I'll be doing after lunch!

Why Firefox 3?

I've used Netscape/Mozilla/Firefox for a long time, and am exceedingly pleased with it. It takes less system memory than competing browsers, according to a recent comparison by Lifehacker, and consistently beat out IE in the other categories. Besides, you're a reader of my blog, and my blog looks much better in Firefox. You should download it and see what I mean. After 1pm today, that is.
See more reasons to love Firefox.


Rob Domanski said...

Setting the Guinness world record may be the stated goal of all this activity, but in the end that's only a novelty. The real show is the online mass mobilization that's taking place.


Ecologie Umana said...
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Becca said...

And here is where I have a bone to pick. Usually, my bloggy friends don't lead me astray. But...I downloaded FF3 and immediately lost internet abilities for three days. I'm still not sure what happened...


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