Things I learned at work this week

  • Soda-can tabs are not made from a more-pure aluminum mix than the can is.
  • Locks of Love says nothing about not accepting beard hair, provided it's long enough (10 inches) and in a ponytail or braid.
  • The "Morning Glory" muffins look like they're going to be cream-cheese-filled chocolate muffins, but they actually are made of carrots and raisins and pineapple and coconut.
  • There is danger in wearing a long skirt in the workplace- it keeps getting tangled in the wheels of my desk chair. I'm probably the first person in my workplace to discover this. But it's also possible I'm the last person to discover this, and this is why no one else wears skirts.


James Kubecki said...

Yeah, I learned the skirt thing the hard way.

Stephanie said...

Donate beard hair to Locks of Love?! That brings some weird pictures to mind.

Lisa said...

Locks of Love.. if you don't mind that they will sell your hair to pay their CEO, you can donate to them...

--Ms. Jaded-about-hair-donation

affert said...

How did you learn that the tab is more pure aluminum?


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