Garden update

  • Potatoes are peeking up.
  • Peas are 2-5 inches high. We're going to have a lot of peas.
  • Lettuce looks like lettuce. Can't wait till I'm able to go pick my lunch before work.
  • The chives have flowers, and some of them are blooming. I'm thinking about making chive blossom butter.
  • The thyme is happy, as well.
  • I had parsley and sage potted from the apartment, and tried to plant them outside. The jury's still out on if they're going to make it.
  • Mint is growing- I want to try to make tea out of it.
  • Not sure how the carrots are doing- I'm afraid to weed in that bed since I don't know what a carrot sprout looks like.
  • Speaking of sprouts, the tomatoes, hot peppers, and basil are all still under the grow lights, and seeming to do well. I don't know whether to plant the tomatoes outside already, or to transfer them to bigger pots. One variety of tomatoes I'm growing are supposed to be yellow , the other is supposed to be purple. Purple ketchup, anyone?

I want to do more planting this week.
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Lisa said...

"Purple" tomatoes are, generally, pink. I don't know why they call them purple.

When I used to sell roses, I found that many roses labeled as "red" were actually what I would call "fuschia" or "magenta." Not the same at all. Sort of like how many "blue" flowers are really lavender or purple.

Tomatoes: I'm waiting another week or two, but if nighttime temps stay around 50 or higher I think they can go out. Your garden is very very black & that keeps the soil warmer.

Anonymous said...

Peas Please ;)
Kevin will eat up any of your surplus! Enjoy your bounty.


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