Dog obedience, week 7

The second-to-last week.

Will we graduate? I question it sometimes. Casey's not perfect, by any means. He breaks his Stays at least as often, and probably more often than the other dogs in class. He always chases the distraction rather than doing what he's told. He still jumps on people.

But has he improved? OH yes. He's crate-trained now. Taking him on walks is a delight. (Except when he barks at other moving things, like bikers, children, or other dogs....) He's lost a lot of weight- no diet pills, just the exercise, the higher-quality food, and, maybe, the massive amounts of shedding. He seems springier. He loves playing Frisbee- note that while playing frisbee, as well as in the picture in this post, he's off-leash. Huge improvement. The last two weeks, the obedience instructor has said to me, "Remember the first week? Look how far he's come." Oh, I remember.


Kacie said...

Yay! He really has come a long way. You should be proud!

There's a tiny dog that lives near me. Sometimes, I see the owner walking it. The dog stops, stares at me, then looks at the owner, then looks back at me and starts barking like crazy. Running in circles, yipping, and carrying on.

The owner always is like "No! No barking!" but the little dog doesn't care, really.

It's like, hi, tiny dog--I'm about 100 times bigger than you. Why are you barking at me? I'm no threat.

Joanna said...

Ha- yeah, the feistiest dog in the class was this knee-high Australian Cattle Dog- which was significantly smaller than most of the dogs in the class. And last night, a 7-month-old Norfolk Terrier wanted to play with Casey, it was very cute, with the size difference. It put its two paws together and batted him on the nose- and its two paws were about the size of his nose!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures of Casey!!
You have a beautiful, happy dog.


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