Dill-y dallying

I hope to put my tomatoes outside in the garden today.

They're not nearly as big as maybe they should be, but the time has come (and I'm looking forward to taking down the grow light next to my bed!) A couple other local gardeners already have their tomatoes outside, and they're more experienced than I am, so I thought I should get on top of it. The section of the garden the tomatoes and peppers will go hasn't been touched all season- I figured I'd just weed and turn over the soil when the time came to plant. And that time has come.

One end of the section was covered in weeds- in particular, it was practically a forest of dill weed. I hesitate to call dill a "weed", even though it's in the name, so let's say "volunteer dill". I couldn't let all those perfectly good herbs go to waste! I just got done pulling all the dill up, and I think I have a gallon of dill I need to figure out how to preserve or use.

And the whole time, I was thinking about hamburgers with pickles on them. It is Memorial Day weekend, after all! My hands now smell like dill pickles.

How would YOU use a gallon of dill?

Bonus: Lesson of the day related to dill: Jesus says not to tithe your dill and forget mercy. Practice the latter without neglecting the former.


Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...

Hey, with all the dill you could make a gazillion chicken and broccoli rings. :-P

Melissa said...


That's a good recipe, although you'd have to make a LOT to use up all your dill. ;)

Daniel & Teresa said...

We just planted some dill Saturday. I hope it grows! :)


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