Connor is two!

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A week ago Friday, my littlest nephew Connor celebrated his 2nd birthday. It was a Veggie-Tales-themed party, and he had a blast! Larry and Bob even showed up to the park, and Connor sat in high chair flabbergasted that these giant vegetables would bless his party with their presence (no presents, though- they didn't have hands to carry them!). He just kept looking from one to the other, pointing and saying "Bob!" "Larry!" "Bob!"

After dinner and cake, the other nephews went to play on the park's playground. Kevin climbed a tree, Kaden played on the slide, and Mason swung on the already-crowded tire swing.

The park started to get chilly, so the party moved back to the house for present-opening time. Connor's favorite gifts included a garage-sale book and a couple wagons, which he kept climbing into, though they weren't made for that purpose.

He's grown so much in a year! He's walking, climbing, and talking a LOT. Last year, he was overwhelmed at all the attention at the party, and this year he was a social butterfly!

Connor at his first birthday:

Connor at his second birthday:

See all the pictures:

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures of Kevin(tree) and Kaden(slide). Can I please get copies of them? -H


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