Church happenings

A new series is starting up at church this week (see right). I'm excited about it, because I care deeply about social justice issues, and I appreciate that the church is addressing them head-on. My alma mater is addressing the issues head-on as well, with a Social Justice week. And, in a weird connection, the pastor of my church will be receiving an honorary doctorate from my alma mater in a few weeks.

Another exciting development at church: a community garden that will used to grow fresh produce for a local food bank. I think it's a great idea. I hope it flourishes well. They're going to try to use sustainable, chemical- and pesticide-free methods in the half-acre garden, making it not only an effort to end hunger, but part of the creation-care value of the church as well.


Daniel & Teresa said...

One of the things I loved about Grace was it's willingness to address the "tough" issues. I wish more churches did that!

Larissa said...

It sounds like you go to a really great church!

Lisa said...

OOH A GARDEN. That is great. Will it be on the church property?

Joanna said...

Lisa- Yes, it will be- it's behind the parking lot, on a part of the land the church owns, that's currently rented out to a farmer.

I think you should join the team as a consultant.


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