What a handsome guy

Back from boarding and doing great! He's all bathed & groomed now, too- so soft and with much less hair!
I think he had fun making new friends at the kennel but is glad to be home. I'm glad he's home, anyway.

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Sweetiepie said...

Oh my that dog is so cute. you did a good job taking this picture. have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Casey looks so cute and happy.
Your trip sounded like it was alot of fun and you got to do some exploring. Glad you're back. Mom

texas_sweetie said...

that is absolutely a handsome guy! yes i agree with you on that!


mine's up too,please check them out;

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Roxy's mom said...

Aw, handsome and happy !cttr

Amor said...

Your dog is so "handsome".

Frugal Fatty said...

awwwwww.....is he an aussie shepard? What a cutie pie. I'm such a sucker for pups.


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