Road repairs

The road in front of our house, between typical winter wear and the construction going on in the neighborhood next door, has gotten pretty torn up. One spot specifically had been reduced to a pile of asphalt chunks, and our little Civics would bottom out trying to get to our house. It had gotten pretty bad.

And then! A road crew showed up! and filled in the holes in the road with dirt!

Note the pieces of asphalt pushed to the right, and the dirt used to smooth the surface.

And, we waited for the road crew to return, to finish the job, to pave and smooth the spot, so that the road would be more passable.

A crew returned. But they didn't pave the road. What did they do instead?

Erected a sign.



Kacie said...

LOL! I guess that's uh...one way to fix the problem.

You're a taxpayer--get on the phone and call your municipality and ask for more than just a sign! They won't fix it if people don't complain.

Joanna said...

I'm thinking (hoping) they're just putting off the repair with the sign until the large construction vehicles are done traveling our road and tearing it up. The owners of the $700,000 houses in the neighborhood will certainly complain if their Lexuses have to travel the "Rough Road" much longer than that.

Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...

Ha! Too funny.

Beckie said...

We reported a bad spot in front of our neighbors house in March '06. The asphalt was intact but the dirt had washed away under the asphalt more than half way across the road. The road crew came and stuffed rocks, sticks, and cold patch asphalt into the hole...as far as their ARMS could reach. They put up a sigh that said "dip". The following October the crews showed up to do the job right. Hope you don't have to wait that long.


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