Register, Indiana!

Register to Vote at Rock the VoteIf you live in Indiana, register to vote! The deadline for registering to voting in the primary is April 7th- sooner than you'd think! We moved since the last election, so we sent our registrations off this week. You'll need to re-register if:
  • You've never registered in the state,
  • Your name has changed,
  • You address has changed
Get the registration form here.

I've never voted in a primary election, and last November was my first time going to a polling place. I haven't the slightest idea where my polling place is for my new address. In case it's not already on your calendar, Indiana's primary is May 6th. The election faucets have already been thrown open in the state, and candidates have been visiting for the last week or so. I haven't seen any of them- the only sign that the election is nearing is a few yard signs here & there. I was talking to Josh- I think I'd like to go see any of the presidential candidates, if I had a chance. Regardless of their positions, they are all respectable leaders and interesting speakers.

Those of you in PA, I'd love to hear what your experience has been like, being even more bombarded than Indiana so far in the primary season! It's really crunch time.

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Kacie said...

We don't have our TV on much, but I have seen several commercials for the Clinton and Obama campaigns. I haven't seen any for McCain.

Clinton was in Pittsburgh a week or two ago, and spoke at a gas station. Lol. I didn't know about it in advance, so I didn't go.

I'm sure they'll all be back in town again at some point--we don't vote for several more weeks.


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