Radio Road Trip

I'm back! What a blast! I'll start my story here, but I don't have all the pictures uploaded yet, so there will be subsequent posts.

We left Thursday morning to drop Casey off at our friends' kennel in Muncie. It was good to see her and see that he would be well taken care of. One of the girls that helps out at the kennel loves Aussies, so Casey made a fast friend. We visited for a couple hours then started out on our adventure. (If we had gotten an auto insurance quote before we left and told them we were about to drive 1500 miles, I don't think State Farm would have been very happy. We had a lot of car-time ahead of us!)

When we got the Chicago, we wanted to park and eat an early dinner before the 6:30 show. Well, we parked, then walked around for a while looking for Dinner. We saw down the street there was a Pizzeria Uno- when we're traveling, we try to eat at local places and avoid chain restaurants, it's more fun that way, and we knew that Pizzeria Uno was a chain. But! In a corner house in front of us there was another Chicago pizza place- Pizzeria Due! Was this an obvious rip-off of the place down the street? We weren't sure, but it looked cool, so we gave it a try. It was in the basement of the building, and was complete with low lighting and checked tablecloths- cute! The menu had a story of the start of the restaurant, and, turns out, the owner of the original Pizzeria Uno (yes, the one down the street) needed to expand and ended up buying this place a block over and naming it Pizzeria Due. Cool fact.

We noticed the place was pretty empty. Kinda weird. Then we realized that Chicago isn't in the same time zone as Indiana, and it was only 3:30 here- a REALLY early dinner time. Oh well, we didn't have to wait!

After dinner, we had unexpected time to kill and wandered around the shopping areas of the Magnificent Mile. I got dress shoes for my sister's wedding on sale for $6 (no one tell her!). We also revisited the restaurant that we ate at the night we got engaged. That night was all a blur, so finding the randomly-chosen restaurant wasn't an easy thing. Finally we went to the show, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me.

As expected, we laughed a lot. The show was a blast. Because we got there early, we had front-row seats. The demographic of the audience was mixed- people seemed to either be our age or retirement age, with few in-between. It was great fun to put faces with voices we hear every week. It also helped that it wasn't a slow-news week- the Ohio and Texas primaries gave these news-commentators something to talk about. Afterwards, there was a Q&A session, where we discovered that Carl Kassell gets up at 1am for the 5am news broadcasts he is a part of. It was also interesting to see the recording process- how the participants know that they will be edited by the time the radio show is broadcast Saturday.
Put faces to voices!

Anyone hear the show? Anyone hear me laughing, as I was sitting right in front of a microphone?


Kacie said...

I was hoping you'd post details and pics about your trip! Looks like you had a good time so far!

I once saw Ira Glass speak (he wasn't recording). It started in total darkness. He took his seat during that time.

"So, this is radio..." was his opening line. Lol.

Joanna said...

I'd love to hear Ira Glass speak, that would be so interesting.

We have this picture in our heads of the faces that go with the voices we hear- and the Wait Wait cast pretty much matched what I was picturing. The Prairie Home Companion group, not as much.

affert said...

We did hear the show! :) It's fun to see pictures from it


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