Pi Day!

I almost let it slip by!

Happy 3/14 - Pi Day! Last year I got an appropriate picture with my camera phone of Pi MINUTE: 3/14 1:59

Fun fact for this year:
Egged on by an amateur mathematician, the Indiana General Assembly almost passes a bill adopting 3.2 as the exact value of pi (or π). Only the intervention of a Purdue University mathematician who happens to be visiting the legislature prevents the bill from becoming law, saving the most acute political embarrassment.

More from Wikipedia

If the law had passed, us in Indiana would celebrate Pi Day 12 days before everyone else! We'll keep Indiana pi(e) limited to the sugar cream variety.

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Anonymous said...

Boy did I call your blog entry today! I was at my ESL conference today and a colleague was talking about how her son wanted them to eat Pie today to celebrate Pi!
I told her that I'm sure my brother and sister-in-law would be celebrating it as well. So, what kind of pie did you make today? :)


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