help us to look.

I had my camera at church on Saturday. This is my favorite picture hanging in the hallways.


Kat's krackerbox said...

Simple words with such a powerful statement! Happy WW

Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...

Where were you on Saturday?

Joanna said...

Beth - "This is my favorite picture hanging in the hallways" at my church.

I thought it was implied. Sorry. :-P

My church had a reported "over 8500" people at Easter services, and when the sanctuary only seats 1100 when packed-full, that means they had LOTS of services, including services on Saturday. These were actually very popular, for families that wanted to drive out of town in time for an Easter lunch and egg hunt with in-laws on Sunday. On Saturday, I was helping set up one of the services before it started. More on that later.


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