Links for today

  • A Super-Bowl-themed Carnival of Personal Finance is up, and paidtwice did an awesome, creative job putting it together
  • Make It From Scratch is posted at Stephanie's place. As always, so many yummy and creative things to try!
  • Wise Bread asks, Should you be ashamed to be on public assistance? I thought it was an interesting discussion and a good question to ask, since I know a few of my friends that have dealt with it.
  • The history of the universe, in 200 words or less. Complete with Wiki links. Totally geeky, sorry.
  • Will Samson brings up the idea of an energy fast for Lent. I like the idea, for sure. Perhaps I'll try it.
  • In case you didn't hear, the Giants beat out the highly-favored Patriots for the Super Bowl title. To be honest, it was a pretty boring game until the fourth quarter, at which time it became awesome.
  • Starting sometime soon: I picked up a oft-quoted book from the library, Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger by Ron Sider. I'm going to be doing a chapter-a-week series on thoughts from the book. If anyone else wants to read along & join in, let me know. (Looking at the Amazon link, apparently it's been revised and updated. It was originally written in 1977, so I'd appreciate an updated version, but I'm reading the old one. Hmm.)
  • It's Super Tuesday, are you voting? I'm not. Indiana is the fourth-to-last primary, on May 6th. If you want to make your voice heard, there's a friendly little poll on my sidebar where you can weigh in (RSS readers, that means, Visit My Site). Note: the poll was created before Edwards dropped out. It was also created before Giuliani dropped out, but I really didn't like him, and since he had fewer delegates than even Ron Paul, I opted not to include him in the list.


Becca said...

Look at that, Joanna! Three votes for Ron Paul! If only internets decided the vote...As an RSS reader, I had to click over to vote. I have been considering an energy fast. It seems ridiculous to be paying for energy each month an amount that could do such good in other places. I guess that was a bit vague. Maybe you understand?

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the MIFS link!

Marie said...

In re: the Rich Christians book, there is a Christian response as well - "Productive Christians in an Age of Guilt Manipulators." I am not kidding or being snarky, it's an important response.

Rich Christians does address important issues but offers a lot of socialist responses to them. For alternatives to socialism, "Productive Christians" offers good food for thought. Even if you find you prefer Sider's arguments in the end, the back and forth is really enlightening.

Joanna said...

I'm reading the 1977 original version, and don't currently have access to the 1997 version, that probably has that "Productive Christians" response. I'd definitely be interested in reading it, if I can get a hold of it. As it is right now, I'm only on the second chapter, where the problem is still being described- there are any solutions offered yet.

The book right now is very convicting- and the very-dated statistics are a little distracting. I'm glad to hear someone else has read it!


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