A better condiment?

Mustard. It's a pretty well-ignored condiment. At least on my end- I don't pay it much heed. But Grey Poupon- that's a different story- fancy mustard deserves a taste, at least.

And wasn't I in luck! I have been asked to review not one but TWO different types of Grey Poupon and give you my honest opinion! I got the jars in the mail and was really at a loss. Should I try to cook with the mustard? Have a run-of-the-mill sandwich? It's not exactly grilling-out weather, so a hamburger wasn't on the top of the list. What do YOU eat fancy mustard on?

Some of my husband's family is from Wisconsin, and Wisconsin "soul food" is bratwurst. I have been instructed that it is an abomination to eat ketchup on brats- mustard is the way to go. Because brats happen to be one of my husband's favorite foods, this was the obvious choice when deciding what to try the mustard on.

A meal consisting of brats, potato wedges, and baked beans was particularly summer-y in the middle of winter, but the warmth was welcome. And the mustards even added warmth- the "hearty spicy brown" variety included horseradish sauce, which gave the brat a bit of a kick! The flavor was good. The other variety, "harvest coarse ground," features whole mustard seeds. I really liked the flavor-it really did have a harvest-y taste, but the texture isn't what you expect in a mustard. While eating it, I did have a chance to reflect on Jesus' words- "If you have faith as small as a mustard seed..." This stuff is chock-full of them. It would make a great object lesson at a church picnic.

All in all, I liked the mustards. WAY better than your typical yellow mustard- which I'm not particularly fond of. Now that I have two jars of Grey Poupon, I'm hoping to find good recipes to use this fine condiment in. Any ideas?


Becca said...

I really want to know what gives with you guys being asked to review mustard. I love mustard!

Kacie said...

Fun post!

I'd suggest using it in deviled eggs or potato salad. Mustard seems to be a summery condiment all-around.

You could dip pretzel sticks into it for a snack. Mmm.

Anonymous said...

You and your in laws are two peas in a pod. I am usually lucky to find mustard to put on my cheeseburger when dining at their house :) One of Matt's friends dips everything in mustard instead of ketchup. Not for me, but it is much healthier than ketchup.
Nothing beats using fancy mustard on a ham sandwich. Yummy!

Daniel & Teresa said...

I agree that good brats are only good with mustard. Kielbasa over the campfire is also very good with it. Another really yummy dish is Pork Rollatini. You cut pork loin into slices, dip it in parm. cheese, spread it with Dijon mustard, place a strip of ham and an onion wedge on top, roll it up,toothpick it, and grill it. It's super good!

Daniel & Teresa said...

P.S. I realized that it's not grilling season in the States. Maybe they would work broiled?

Joanna said...

Becca- Can you now tell what bloggers you read are a part of PayU2Blog? :) I didn't know EVERYONE got the same review post. Well, not everyone, but more than I expected!

Kacie- Deviled eggs & potato salad is a great idea! You're right, I never thought about it before, but Mustard = Summer.

Heather- I used fancy mustard on my sandwich today, & I'm looking forward to it :)

And, Tree, no, it's not exactly grilling season here ;-)


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