Christmas excitement

This is just a quick update, not a proper one.

Monday, Josh & I both worked, then went to the annual family Christmas party. It was so good to visit with everyone, play with the kids, and all-around enjoy one another. Pictures to come.

Yesterday, I had the laziest Christmas morning ever, and it was wonderful. It was our first Christmas morning by ourselves, and it was nice just to rest and relax. Once lunchtime rolled around, though, I frantically started preparing a Christmas dinner for our parents. I probably bit off more than I could chew, but it all got done it time, and everything turned out tasting moderately good, and a rousing game of Apples to Apples ended the evening.

Today, everyone scattered. My mom, dad & sister went on a Chicago adventure. My sister's fiance is in Florida enjoying Disney World. While I look out my frosted window, watching a blue jay fly to and fro, his family is enjoying watching a seagull lighting upon their sunny hotel balcony. Josh went to work this morning. And me? I woke up feeling awful, with an 100-degree fever. I'm home in my new Christmas pajamas, about to head back to bed. Rest and hydration to beat a fever, right?

Hope your Christmas was even better!

In other news today, go wish Ashley a happy birthday!

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