A B-family Christmas

I've had requests for a furnished picture of my house, so here's the living room, decorated for Christmas.

The irony of it is, this will look totally different tonight- we're getting new-to-us couches- a full sized one and a loveseat. Josh is especially excited to get couches right before we host a couple family Christmas dinners. Hooray! Seating for all!

You're welcome to join us! And, for those of you who are, we can't wait to see you!


Matt said...

Your living room looks great! So cozy and television-free. :-)

Jes said...

aww! that looks like a place I'd want to curl up and read in! or knit :) How many people will you have for Christmas?
You want to know my favorite thing in those pictures? the SNOW!
we don't see much of that down south.

Joanna said...

Jes- I definitely was curling up & knitting last night in one of those red chairs! And Josh very often sits and reads in the living room too- our bookcase is just outside the picture on the left, behind the red chair. As for dinner guests: we had 13 people over on Monday, on the 23rd we'll have 11 family members over, and 6 over for Christmas dinner.

Matt- Yes! I'm loving the TV-free living room. Our TV is in a back bedroom

Joanna said...

Oh, and Jes- we've had PLENTY of snow. God's done a better job decorating than I have.

Brett said...

I love the picture of the back bedroom. I especially like the Super Nintendo. Even more, I love that the guys are watching Batman. Classic AND classy.

Joanna said...

We gave them all these kid-friendly movie choices: Aladdin, Finding Nemo, Beauty & the Beast, and more... .and they wanted to watch the 60's Batman. Yeah, it was awesome. Josh was skeptical that it was kid-appropriate, but I was pretty confident- and it was great!

I'm impressed you recognized it.

And, we have a Sega, Super Nintendo, & Nintendo set up. If you know where to find a working Atari, we've got a WHOLE bunch of games for that too. Mostly, the Super Nintendo gets played, with the occasional Nintendo Duck Hunt game.

Brett said...

Was it the Batman movie or the TV show? Not that it matters all that much. Fortunately, most of the age-questionable material won't be caught by kids. For adults...well...it's sometimes amazing what made it on TV.

As for an Atari, you could check out McVans Video Game trader off 116th. They love me there because they've got boxes and boxes of Atari and Intellivision games and I think I'm the only one that buys any of them. We lucked into an Atari at Goodwill. Works great! Still searching for a Colecovision and original NES. Maybe someday.

By the way, the house looks terrific. Very cozy and Christmas-y. It begs for some hot chocolate and Christmas cookies.

Joanna said...

Have you checked out my food blog?!
Hot Chocolate.
Lots of Christmas cookies.


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