Random thoughts

I'm pretty uninspired today. I'm tired. I don't feel like I've gotten into a good routine in my new home- probably because one or the other of us has been sick since we moved in, and being sick inevitable throws off routines. There have been a lot of 9PM bedtimes.

BUT- it's the second-to-last day of NaBloPoMo, so I must think of something!

Here are the random thoughts I had:

  • Josh is taking me on a date tonight. That makes me happy.
  • Firefox's popup blocker doesn't catch some pop-ups, including ones at the Indy Star. That's annoying.
  • I love dogs. I want to get a dog sometime in the next 6 months, and we're wondering if we should wait till we have a fence built for the dog.
  • Our neighbors have a few outdoor cats, and I've decided I like them- as long as they're outdoors. One was resting on our porch yesterday, and it was nice. They're mostly very friendly.
  • We're getting rid of our moving boxes thanks to Freecycle. Hooray! they will no longer be piled in the laundry room.
That's all I've got. Better luck tomorrow. Maybe even a picture of the cat.


Hopewaits said...

You may be uninspired today but your post are so amazing.
I've just started reading blogs and "happened" upon yours.
There are days that it really lifts me up when I feel uninspired. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Wait for the fence. No dog likes to be tied up and no adult likes to have to wait in the cold for the dog to take care of its duties.


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