Moving has begun!

We have a kitchen table, a coffee table, and about half the kitchen stuff at the new house, along with games, toys, DVDs, shoes, decor, and other miscellaneous stuff. It, for the most part, has remained in boxes, because the furniture to out it away on or in hasn't arrived yet- tomorrow morning's project!

Is it bad I'm exhausted already? The late nights, coupled with not feeling well all week has zapped the energy right out of me. And it will be a long weekend. I'm so thankful for all the family and friends who have surrounded us to help move- at last count, I think we're got FIVE pick-up trucks (or, four plus a trailer, to be accurate. The equivalent of more than 5 beds, anyway.) showing up bright an early tomorrow morning! Everyone has been so generous. The goal tonight: packing things into labelled boxes so nothing gets lost tomorrow, and everything goes as smoothly as possible. My friend Ashley shared more moving tips on her blog.

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