Corners of my home

I'm inspired by the pretty pictures at Homespun Living- specifically her "corners of my home" collection. I'm still working on setting up the corners (and, well, entire rooms) of my home, but hope to keep Beauty in mind as I place things.

Toy corner:

We got these children's books and the box at Goodwill this weekend for our frequent child visitors. I was super-excited about the box.

Shelf for tins:

I have not done any decorating for Christmas- these were more Goodwill finds, and are destined to be containers for gifts- I just can't help but display them in the meantime. So pretty!

End table:

Have I mentioned I love Willow Tree figurines?

Wall decor:

Sunflowers! and a Goodwill painting we got a while back. I was pleased how well it fit.

Family photos:

Old photos & old cameras. And, I promise- everything's hung straight- it's the photo that's crooked!


Anonymous said...

I love the toy/book box. It looks like some treasure from your childhood. What a find!

Mary said...

Looks great, Joanna. Can't wait to see it all! :)

Western Warmth said...


Anonymous said...

I love how everything looks. You and Josh are finding your style and it looks just wonderful.

Amy said...

I love the book box- it is beautiful. You have some very pretty corners in your home that you should be really proud of.

I did not realize that Monica's pictures were grouped in Flickr. Thanks for that link too!

Kacie said...

Everything looks so nice! I'm in dire need of decorating my home to look more permanent. You're a good inspiration!

Larissa said...

I love the Willow Tree figurines as well! In fact, I have that exact same one as well as others given to me at key points in my life by special people in my life. Really, they are the only figurines I like and think are worth dusting.


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