Celebatory weekend!

Unpacking continues.

It is very unfortunate, however, that I have not found my camera-battery charger yet. I'm certain it's in a box of wires or office stuff, but we've just not gotten to the box yet to unpack it. This means that all the pictures I wanted to take today didn't happen, and the pictures I have taken are trapped on my camera, until I can get the camera batteries charged.

This is all very disappointing, because we were part of a wedding rehearsal yesterday, and a wedding today, and I wold LOVE to share the experience with the world (or , at the very least, the new happy couple.) I suppose this is motivation to continue putting away the stuff in boxes.

  • A very personable, almost comical pastor. He reminded me very much of a college professor I had.
  • Eating too much at Buca di Beppo for the rehearsal dinner.
  • Meeting and re-connecting with friends from Josh's high-school years. Delightful people.
  • Having the best man from our wedding over to our new house, with his girlfriend.
  • Having Kristen over to our new house.
  • Mike and Kim getting married! Hooray! So happy!
  • Dancing and celebrating with a fun group.
  • Kids running ellipticals around the dance floor- during the couple's first dance.
  • A friend's 3-year-old falling asleep in my lap during the reception.
Tomorrow's goals include unpacking, baking a pumpkin pie, and raking leaves- good traditional Thanksgiving-week activities.

** UPDATE ** Not my pictures, these are from the photographer...

Again, YAY for Mike & Kim!

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