Beware: Big Words Ahead

I guess it's the big words and complex sentences that make my blog harder to read. Hope this isn't hindering anyone- but I'm sticking with my complex grammar.

Go to the analyzer and try some of your favorite sites!

- NPR has a College(Undergrad) ranking. ESPN: Junior High.
- Google is Genius.
- TIME Magazine has a High School reading level. People Magazine: Elementary School.

Any other interesting finds?


Brett said...

Interesting. RetroBrett received a rating of College (Undergrad). I'm guessing it's because I use words like "Reportduckling".

Meredith said...

How do you think this works? It is so fast! My blog was rated Genius, but I don't think my language merits that.

If anything, I guess I should be writing with more brevity and simple words.

Joanna said...

We all know you're a genius, Meredith!

And, Brett, it probably has to do with all the talk about zombies on your blog, that makes it college-level. Zombies are complex.

ashley @ twentysixcats said...

I thought this was interesting: my blog is rated "Elementary School". :-( I guess I have simple thoughts. My pet blog got the rating of "genius". Go figure. I guess I'm not a total loss after all. I'm going to go read a dictionary now.

Matt Wissman said...

My blog also go an "Elementary School" rating :/.

Becca said...

@ Meredith, you wonder how your blog scored so high, and you used the word "brevity" in your comment. Perfect! :-)

Don't these programs judge based upon the number of letters in the words/words in sentence/sentences in paragraph? As writing style becomes more complex--or convoluted--reading level climbs!

Most writing for general public should be at junior high level (I had a college professor tell me that...)

Joanna, I've been loving your W**Mart blogs! Great stuff. I can't even drive by that place without growling...


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